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July 2022 


26th - The Market 5-7pm
Carrington City Park
28th - Creamery OPEN 4-8pm


August 2022


4th - Creamery OPEN 4-8pm
6th - Creamery OPEN 10-3pm
9th - New Rockford Pre-Order Pick-Up 10-10:30am
Casey's Gas Station
9th - Devils Lake Pre-Order Pick-Up 11:45-12:15pm
Home of Econony
9th - Grand Forks Pre-Order Pick-Up 2-4pm
Bully Brew on Columbia
9th - The Market 5-7pm
Carrington City Park
11th - Harvey Pre-Order Pick-Up 10-10:30am
11th - Minot Pre-Order Pick-Up 12-1pm
U-Haul Moving and Storage
11th - Bismarck Pre-Order Pick-Up 3:30-4:30pm
Bisman Food Co op
13th - Creamery OPEN 10-3pm
16th - Jamestown Pre-Order Pick-Up 10-11am
Plantation Coffee Bar
16th - Valley City Pre-Order Pick-Up 11:45-12:15pm
Wild Prairie Bakery
16th - Fargo Pre-Order Pick-Up 2-4pm
Drekker Brewing Company
18th - Creamery OPEN 3-8pm
18th - Carrington Pre-Order Pick-Up 3-8pm
20th - Creamery OPEN 10-3pm
23rd - The Market 5-7pm
Carrington City Park
27th - The Red River Market 10-2pm
Broadway Square Downtown Fargo

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