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Welcome to Cows and Co. Creamery!

A trip to our farm is likely unlike anything you’ve ever experienced,
and if you have experienced this before, welcome back! Click here to view The Creamery Café schedule.

Our newest 
edition to the farmstead is The Milkhouse on farm store.
More details to come!
Down this long dirt road you’ll find some of the creamiest, dreamiest gelato and cheese — all made fresh, right here. 
We built Cows and Co. Creamery on our 35-acre farmstead here in Carrington, North Dakota. Every bit of what you see was specially chosen to give us the feeling of being back in the Netherlands, but with a modern twist.
Our creamery is home to the equipment we use to create our gelato and cheese, and, if you look through the window in the back wall of the cafe area, you’ll get a chance to see our aging room. It’s here where we age our wheels of gouda atop Dutch pine boards.
But you’re not here for cheese. (Or maybe you are!) And besides, the best part lies behind the counter. 
Our cafe serves our goodies, alongside rich coffee to keep everyone happy, young and old alike. 
The cafe is open on certain days for guests to sit and enjoy the touches of the Netherlands that are woven in with modern decor. 
Just a couple of miles away, guests can visit the cows whose milk is used to make our gelato and cheese. 
No trip is complete without heading back to the cafe for some cool, creamy gelato and a chance to take a peek at some of our products we have for sale. 
Join us for a trip to the farm. We promise, you won’t be disappointed. 

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Owner of Duchessa Gelato named Forbes 30 under 30


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